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London Highlights

Piccadilly Circus
This is a very busy London square, not a Circus as you might think. Visitors remember it mostly for the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain dominating the middle and for the neon advertising billboards which represent a tiny version of Times Square in New York. Areas such as Soho, Chinatown, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square are all nearby. Distance: 15 min by underground to Piccadilly Circus


Buckingham Palace
This famous palace is owned by the equally famous British Royal Family and is usually the first tourist stop for many visitors who come to see The Changing of the Guard. This spectacular building has about six hundred rooms which are not all occupied by members of the Royal family but employees too. Some of these rooms are open to the public during summer time when the Royal family is not in residence. Distance: 29 min by underground to Green Park


National Gallery
The National Gallery is a beautiful building with a very impressive collection of paintings from the period 1260 until 1900. More than 2300 prestigious works of art can be seen in this monumental building in Trafalgar Square. Interestingly, all art works are placed in pretty much chronological order. Distance: 18 min by underground to Charing Cross


Big Ben
The official name of Big Ben is actually Saint Stephen’s Tower and it is also The Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster. So where did the name of Big Ben come from? Well, it refers to the clock’s hour bell which is the largest of the five bells (the other four are quarter bells only). The clock used to be the biggest in the world and is still considered to be the largest in England. Distance: 20 min by underground to Green Park


London Eye
This Millennium Wheel is a favourite tourist attraction of all ages. Built for London’s millennium celebrations, the observation wheel is 135 meter tall and dominates the South Bank. The wheel turns in about 30 minutes and a 360 degree view is guaranteed to everyone. Purchase your ticket in advance as queues can be very long. Distance: 22 min by underground to Embankment


Madame Tussauds
The Wax Museum of Madame Tussauds is London’s favourite tourist attraction based in Baker Street. Demand for wax figurines has grown steadily since 1835 when Madame Tussaud opened her first exhibition. The wax figure of the mistress of Louis XV, Madame du Barry, was created in 1763 and is the oldest figurine of the entire exhibition. Rub shoulder with many celebrities and members of the Royal family all under one roof. Distance: 11 min by underground to Baker Street


Tower of London
This historic castle is a home to the fabulous and famous Crown Jewels. Situated on the bank of the River Thames, William the Conqueror built The Tower in the 11th century. At one time, the Tower of London was notoriously well known as a place for torturing and killing the political opponents of the kings, although it was used as a royal residence during turbulent times too. Distance: 37 min by underground to Embankment