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Upcoming Best Exhibitions in London 2020

There are some stunning exhibitions happening in 2020 in London, with shows featuring Steve McQueen, Alice in Wonderland and Andy Warhol already announced at museums and galleries across town.


Mushrooms at Somerset House

A new exhibition celebrating the remarkable (yes, you read it correctly) mushrooms.

Bringing together the work of over 40 leading artists, designers and musicians, this exhibition looks at fungi’s colourful cultural legacy and shines more light into our relationship with the planet.

You will have a chance to explore ground-breaking experiments in design, textiles and architecture that centre mushrooms in exciting new ways – from recycled agro-waste to sustainable shoes made with mycelium.

31 January - 26 April 2020

Cost: Free


Steve McQueen at Tate Modern

Tate Modern will be proudly presenting the first major exhibition of Steve McQueen’s artwork in the UK. He is seen as one of the most important film-makers (Oscar-winning film 12 Years A Slave), screenwriters and artists of the 21st century.  The exhibition brings together the immersive film and video installations that he has made since 2000.

13 February - 11 May 2020

Cost: £13


David Hockney: Drawing from Life at the National Portrait Gallery

This is the first major exhibition devoted to David Hockney’s drawings in over twenty years. It features around 150 works from public and private collections all around the world. Highlights include new portraits of coloured pencil drawings created in Paris in the early 1970s; composite Polaroid portraits from the 1980s; and a selection of drawings from the 1980s when the artist created a self-portrait every day for a period of two months.

27 February - 28 June 2020

Cost: from £17


Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk at Victoria and Albert Museum

Find out more about the secrets of the Japanese traditional garment, the kimono, including rare kimonos dating back to the 17th century. Learn about the aesthetic and social significance of the kimono through paintings, prints, film, and dress accessories. The exhibition also looks into the way kimonos have shaped past and current fashion trends.

29 February - 21 June 2020

Cost: from £16


Andy Warhol at Tate Modern

Tate Modern has dedicated a brand new exhibition to pop art creator Andy Warhol. This is the first installation at the gallery for almost two decades. Over 100 of the artist's images are on display, expect iconic prints of Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry, Elvis Presley and Coca-Cola bottles. Warhol once said that everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes. It is safe to say, his fame has lasted a lot longer and is still going strong over 30 years after his death. 

12 March - 6 September 2020

Cost: £22


Down the rabbit hole: Alice in Wonderland at the Victoria and Albert Museum

A fantastic staging of the story of Alice in Wonderland is coming to South Kensington and it looks like it will be one of the best exhibitions of the year. The installation aims to cover one of the most wonderful and imaginative stories of all time, as it takes you on a magical journey down the rabbit hole. The Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, The Queen of Hearts, The White Rabbit and Alice herself, will be brought to life in this theatrical staging.

27 June - 10 January 2021

Cost: £20